Teresa Groeneweg, (managing member) began Great Land Events, LLC as a food catering business called “An Appetizing Affair”. You can see from the name that creativity and and having fun with food and events was at the core of her vision for all that was to come.

And thus began An Appetizing Affair.

After successfully running the business for 5 years with no advertising, only by word of mouth, we secured, after much thought and deliberation, the Alaska Chocolate Fountains business already up and running in Anchorage. It has been a huge hit ever since!

Great food expanded into great decorations, music, and other event services…thus the new encompassing name of Great Land Events, LLC!

Because of the number and timeliness of events, we purchased service ware to make it easier on ourselves as well as investing in linens and other items to save us time and money. Because quality is so important to us, additionally we made the decision to purchase our own high-end sound system to provide emcee and d-jay services to our “resume”! It has been a fun venture setting up dance lights, uplighting, etc. taking our events to the next level. Three of our latest “acquisitions” has been an actual Lever-pull espresso machine (from Italy) to take on-sight as well as Shutterbooth brand Photo Booth. It does not matter the age you are, Photobooths are TONS of fun!!! And I say “acquisitions” as our third is a real live photographer!!! We love her and more importantly so do all of her clients!

Teresa is Alaska born and has studied culinary skills at the UAA as well as at out-of-the-norm culinary experiences such as learning Thailand cooking in Thailand! She brings this all together to bring to you the background and a true desire to produce a culinary event that is unique to whatever you can imagine…she will help with that too! !

Throughout the years, we have been stretching ourselves to be the best that we can be so that we can provide you with the best that you can have!