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From wall washes to flower “ceilings” to anything you can envision – we can bring it to life! Feel free to look around the page at some of these examples, but don’t think that’s all we can do! These are just some good looking shots to get you inspired.

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Chocolate Fountains

Consider having a Chocolate Fountain at your next event!!!

Wedding, Christmas, Employee Appreciation, Grand Opening, Wedding or Baby Shower, Birthday

One thing the internet does not allow us to do, is transport the wonderful aroma of warmed chocolate or the thrill of watching the chocolate (white or dark) cascade over the tiers. Guests have surprised even us with their excitement over seeing and being able to dip treats into something so new and different. As you can see, this is something enjoyed by everyone…age and sex notwithstanding!!! The chocolates are imported and then mixed to create a chocolate quality that will make “one dip” pretty much impossible!

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Photo Booth

With custom logos that your guest can take home as a souvenir, these ShutterBooth strips are a must have at any event!

+Traditional Curtained

+Open Air

+Custom Backdrops

+Themed props & set-ups

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We use for all our photography services. Go check them out!

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DJ Services

Below are two event samples with options/pricing to guide you with planning for Music &/or audio at your event! Of course, we can provide you with so much more at GLE. catering/planning/decor/lighting.

Use GLE (An Appetizing Affair) catering and receive DJ discounts!!!

As with any of the services offered at GLE we will meet with you well ahead of time to find out what you want to see at your event or to assist your decision making process by showing you options. Please feel free to call us and lets develop a great event together.


Sample 1 – Wedding Reception (7pm-11pm)

Options that you can add:

  1. Wall Wash Lighting – LED lights wall washing in colors to match your event! $18 each.
  2. Outdoor Setting – Since we pride ourselves on sound quality, outdoor settings usually require more speakers. There is also the potential for exposure of our equipment to the elements. Therefore additional charges may apply for outdoor events depending on requirements. Please ask about it…it can be a challenge, but we like challenges!
  3. Additional Time – $50.00/hr or a portion thereof beyond the 4 hour base charge.
  4. Extra Areas – There may be a charge for each additional area that requires sound setup. Eg. If a wedding requires setup and sound for the ceremony in one room or venue, and another setup of sound for the reception, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee.
  5. Travel Fees – If the event takes place outside of the Anchorage Bowl, travel will be charged at .45 per mile round trip
  6. Remote Speaker – We can set you up with remote wireless sound in another room! This can be a very useful for certain venues and we have acquired the best transmitters and receivers available to do the job. No wires for your guests or coworkers to trip over. $200
  7. Open Mic – This is a wireless microphone provided for your use. Again, quality is top end so you will be heard AND heard clearly. $50

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  • Free in person consultation
  • Upfront pricing in writing
  • Free setup and tear-down of all equipment (We are ready to go at 6:45!)
  • Professional (Bose top end) sound equipment and LED dance lighting
  • Customized music play list
  • Dinner Music
  • Dance Music
  • “Requests” honored (we can download at the event!)
  • Coordination and announcements of all events during the reception

Price: $1800 to $2500

Sample 2 – Office Venue (4pm-8pm)

  • Free in person consultation
  • Upfront pricing in writing
  • Free setup and tear-down of all equipment (We are ready to go at 6:45!)
  • Professional (Bose top end) sound equipment and LED dance lighting
  • Customized music play list
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Dance Music
  • Music “Requests” honored (we can download at the event!)
  • Coordination and emcee/announcements of of your program during the reception

Price: $1100 to $1500


Espresso Service

In offering the finest espresso possible, we have ordered directly from Italy, from the Bosco family, a lever pull espresso machine. Order a coffee cart for your next event!

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We can take care of getting everyone down the aisle at the right time, to going through every detail leading up to your big day or event. But with the great variety of things we have planned, we want to talk to you about yours so we can fine tune what you need! Contact us today so we can get started!

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Hi, I am Teresa, the chef at An Appetizing Affair. My goal when I went into the business of catering was to provide for clients what the industry seems to have replaced with trips to Costco and major prepackaged food items. To offer them food items prepared from scratch. This means noodles from flour, sauces all using the freshest of seasonings and spices available. This is the difference between a fast food and exceptional food. For your special occasion you may want to experience and allow your family and friends to enjoy something that has become hard to find. Please feel free to call me and find out what we can plan together. Enjoy an Appetizing Affair.” -TG

To see a sample menu CLICK HERE

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