Menu & Pricing Guideline

Peruse a list of many food items we create as well as the ability to do some pricing for your event.

This is to get your tastebuds watering altho not an exhaustive list of our menu options.

we specialize in designing a custom menu for each event

For your custom menu estimate: call 907-344-1797


Salmon, halibut or spicy shrimp tacos with house slaws

 (available with house corn or gf tortillas)

Chicken and Flank Steak Tacos

Eggplant Parmesan (gf upon request)

prime rib

chicken schnitzel

chicken parmesan

Halibut olympia

cheese encrusted halibut

island salmon (marinated and wrapped in bacon)

Salmon Delish (spicy coconut oil rub)

Loaded salmon (mayo, parm topping)

chicken piccata

Beef bourguignon(burgundy)


BBQ Brisket

rice bowls with various choices (salmon, blackened halibut, spicy italian, chix & Egg, Veggie 

Avocado, Korean BBQ, roasted harvest veggie

Grilled Pizza…all combinations with house crust crisply   baked on a Weber grill (G/F D/F crust available)

Pork Medallions with mustard chive sauce



triple chip cranberry cookies


various house brownies (GF brownies, reeses p/b cup, blondies, decadent dark choco)

double chocolate chip

chewy oatmeal raisin


raspberry rhubarb

buttermilk banana

applesauce spice

Orange chocolate

brown sugar oatmeal



blueberry sour cream

traditional sour cream

Apple spice

raspberry cream cheese

Irish Oatmeal (steel cut oats with  surprise layer of brandied raisins, brown sugar and cream)

Smoked Salmon and Potato Breakfast cassoulet

Sausage and Egg cassoulet

house organic yogurt with house granola

Mexican Breakfast Cassoulet (tortillas, egg, bacon, cheese and chillies)

Protein Pancakes (g/f..has oats)


house hummus and crudités

coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce

grilled steak bites

marinated lamb kabobs with dip

hot cheesy salmon dip served with sweet potato chips

Mini pizzas (house crust & sauce, cheese, pepperoni and   basil leaf

cheese and meat board

antipasto platter

mexican spiced hummus stuffed jalapeños with chorizo

pork stuffed and crab stuffed mushrooms


various house cheese spreads

spinach with candied walnuts and raspberry vin


Bleu cheese dressing

frog eye salad

bulk bean salad with corn, red peppers and avocado in a lime cilantro vin


millet with sound dried tomatoes and pine nuts

Greek Salad

house bleu cheese, thousand island, raspberry vin, balsamic vin, ranch, caesar, basil vin

house macaroni salad

oriental chix salad


spicy salmon lettuce wrap

Various House Gourmet Sandwiches (including Vegetarian and G/F upon request)


House cornbread dressing

Creamy layered potatoes

Curried Rice with dried fruit

Traditional Fried Rice

Yukon gold and chèvre mashed potatoes


A ton of house flavors one of the favorite being caramel!


mile hi chocolate pie

chocolate caramel cream pie

Peanut Butter mousses pie

classic apple pie


peach cranberry

coconut cream 


Cheese veggie cassoulet (broccoli normandy)

Mediterranean Veggies

cumin roasted carrots


House white and wheat rolls served with mediterranean compound butter and sweet cream butter

garlic and herb monkey bread

prosciutto bread twists

herb and phyllo flaky bread rods


key lime white chocolate tartlets

cinco de chili chocolate cupcakes

Margarita cup cakes

Almond joy parfaits

Various cheese cakes

Cheesecake and brownies truffles

white chocolate pecan praline cups

chocolate peanut butter squares

bacon maple cupcakes

La Bete Noire (flourless chocolate “cake”)

blueberry cobbler

rhubarb crisp

peanut butter cheesecake

currant cheesecake


house chex mix

house granola (traditional and chocolate)

Malted Pretzel Crunch

Candied Espresso Walnuts


Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate